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Novena open source Laptop

The Novena is an opensource Laptop or Desktop, based on an ARM SoC and which includes an FPGA. Manufacturing the Novena is crowdfunded.

    Novena pages


  • Novena Device

    An open-hardware computing platform

  • Novena Forum

    The Novena forum, stay current with manufacturing

  • CrowdSupply

    To order your own Novena (board only, desktop or laptop)

  • The Docs

    a developer-oriented guide to getting started with the novena

  • Thermal

    Novena Laptop Thermal Imaging

  • Freescale

    The i.MX Community is a place to share knowledge, development tips and code

  • Verilog

    downloading, installing and using Icarus Verilog, to write a simple program, compile it, simulate it and view the simulation results

  • Video

    Demo: A fully open source flow for iCE40 FPGAs

  • novena irc

    novena irc (#kosagi on the OFTC IRC network)

  • open hardware

    bunnie:studios - blogs tagged with open-hardware

  • category novena

    bunnie:studios - blogs in the category novena

  • xobs novena

    xobs software - blogs in the category novena

  • LinuxInsider

    The Novena Open Hardware Laptop: A Hacker's Dream Machine

  • Lwn

    Lessons from the Novena laptop project


the Novena desktop

My Novena Desktop kit arrived in good condition.


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